Al Noor Association For the Blind

Patron's Speech



Sayyida Aliya  

In light of Omani society is characterized by complementarity and synergy and coherence and synergy is a deep social dimension was an important and essential for all national development plans and programs as a citizen of Oman (the heart of the millstone) for each of those plans and programs.

As a prosperous Covenant of the Government of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - an audience - many of the achievements in the field of care and concern for the development rights in general and this particular segment of society, which is in need of active participation by the society to take their role in building the home side dear Together with other individuals and through programs and services that lead to their needs and requirements as well as social development programs that deepening interdependence between the civil and governmental efforts in various fields to meet the needs that we are all demanding to meet them both from the site completed Altohlip welfare services, social, psychological and professional And medical and information investigators that equality and equal opportunities .. And applaud their efforts this brilliant issue this Release

For all cooperate .. To make life bright for them

Sayyida Aliya Bint Thuweini Al Said